Saturday, June 4, 2016

Earth from the moon

"What [Neil Armstrong] saw - and what we saw through his eyes, which we now perhaps take for granted - was a thing of incredible and fragile beauty. It was a floating, near-spherical body, tricked out in deep blue and pale green, with the white of polar ice and mountain summits, with great grey swirls and sheets of clouds and storms, and with the terminator line dividing darkness and light seeming to sweep slowly across the planet's face it turned into and out of the sun. It was a lovely aspect to contemplate. And it was a view that in time compelled mankind to take stock."

Simon Winchester, in "A Crack in the Edge Of the World"

Alas, that wonder dimmed I fear, and along with it, the "stock-taking". We've regained a sense of it now, but is it too late?

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