Saturday, May 28, 2016

Speaking of fire (see previous)

Last night we had the gang over, sat out on the deck* and had dinner around a blazing chiminea.

It was a cold night so we put sheepskins on the plastic chairs and issued everyone with blankets.

One of the gang said "why would we sit outside when we can be more comfortable inside?". But I noticed he was the one who probably ended up enjoying it the most!

After dinner we toasted marshmallows (corny I know), took turns at putting wood on the fire and looked up at the stars in the clear sky.

And all right here in the 'burbs!

* This chiminea is the only one safe to use on a deck. The clay ones can split, dropping the fire onto your deck and the cheap metal ones have holes in the bottom or are made of sections and can therefore do the same. The Aussie Heatwave is one solid, cast piece - the fire 'aint goin' nowhere!

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